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Top 10 Most Breathtaking Photos from the Sochi Winter Olympics

AP Images The Winter Olympics came to an end on Sunday after two weeks of brilliant sports action. These photographs perfectly captured the incred...

By: Annie Koeblitz

Sochi Athletes Speak: Billy Demong, U.S. Nordic Skier

Photo: AP If you pass him on the street, you might not recognize him, but Nordic skier Billy Demong has been a regular on the U.S. Olympic Team s...

By: Sam DeHority

For Four Female Olympians, The Road to Sochi Was Paved With Adversity and Triumph

Think of any female Olympic athlete, past or present, Summer or Winter Games. You probably thought of a gymnast or an ice skater. Nothing wrong w...

By: Annie Koeblitz

Training Secrets From U.S. Winter Olympic Athletes

The Sochi games mark the culmination of years of training for many of the world's best athletes. Before some of America's top competitors headed off...

By: Sam DeHority

The Unlikely Olympians of the U.S. Men's Bobsled Team

Photo: AP As kids, the athletes on this year's U.S. Olympic Bobsled team never dreamed they'd be competing for an Olympic medal in their sport. In...

By: Dustin Brady