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The TheraGun: The Recovery Tool Athletes Actually Like Using

The recovery tool that's taking the sports world by storm looks like an electric drill. It works like one, too. Press the button and it whirs t...

By: Brandon Hall

Why Pro Athletes Are Flocking To An Instrument-Assisted Healing Method Known as The Graston Technique

There's a common saying in the world of sports: the best ability is availability. The quote is widely attributed to Bill Parcells, a legendary form...

By: Brandon Hall

The New Age of Golf Training is Creating Stronger and More Athletic Golfers Than Ever Before

A behind the scenes look at how professional golfers like Jordan Spieth and Shane Lowry maximize their athleticism. The name of the game in modern golf...

By: Thomas Feeney

Holiday Wish List: HyperIce Vyper, a Vibrating Foam Roller That Provides More Relief With Less Effort

Soreness and stiffness are two annoyances athletes constantly deal with. When you push your body to the limit in training, games and practices, you're...

By: Brandon Hall

Workout Consistency: The Key to Improving Athlete Performance

Everyone is looking for the holy grail to improve athletic performance and maximize success. You can read articles with titles such as Why The Clean...

By: Daniel Payseur