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Don't Ruin Your Meal: The Best and Worst Restaurant Sauces

You can ruin a relatively healthy restaurant meal in seconds. All you have to do is pour on the wrong sauce. It's a simple but costly mistake becaus...

By: Kait Fortunato

The Vegetarian Athlete: Combining Foods for Peak Performance

As if vegetarians didn't have enough diet difficulties, consider the special challenges faced by vegetarian athletes. High-intensity activity requir...

By: Katie Davis

Pick and Pass: Healthy Taco Bell Options

Taco Bell: Do the tasty tacos stand a chance in this Mexican standoff? Verdict: Tacos win! They contain 21 fewer grams of fat and carbs than the sala...

By: Andy Haley

Pick & Pass: Burrito Bowls

Eliminating the tortilla from your burrito isn't license to build a massive bowl. Be savvy about your selection before building your next one. Chip...

By: STACK Staff

Creating a Healthy Burrito

You're ordering up a burrito with a heaping pile of rice, beans, cheese, beef, guacamole, and—to top it all off—a few dollops of sour cream. Befor...

By: Sarah Gearhart