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9 Instagram Athletic Freaks You Need to Follow Immediately

Instagram is filled with amazing people. Crazy, insane, amazing people. A number of individuals have built massive Instagram followings, almost...

By: Brandon Hall

In Defense of the Speed Ladder

The ladder, along with other "foot" quickness type tools, is a source of heated debate within the S&C community. Many claim the ladder to be the holy...

By: Michael Zweifel

The New Way to (Maybe) Get an NFL Tryout

Monte Gaddis and Joe Anderson are not all that different. Both played football for Division I FCS schools in college, Gaddis at Towson, Anderson a...

By: Jordan Zirm

Football Summer Training Guide

Football summer training program by Todd Durkin, owner of Fitness Quest 10 in San Diego and trainer to Drew Brees, LaDainian Tomlinson, Darren Sprol...

By: Andy Haley

5 Training Ideas You Should Steal From the NFL's Best

Just because it's the off-season doesn't mean the NFL's elite players aren't still getting after it in the gym or on the field. They say football ...

By: Jordan Zirm