Speed Training

Bursting through the the line, beating the defense down the court or going from first to third on a routine single comes from being fast. And no athlete is ever satisfied with their current speed. Get faster with speed training workouts from elite athletes in all the major sports, and discover secrets and techniques that can improve your footwork or your athletic ability to shave precious seconds off of your time—no matter what sport you play.

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Why Sport-Specific Training is Overrated

I recently had a parent of one of the athlete's I train approach me and kindly imply that our training should be based on primarily sport specific...

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How Travis Benjamin Went From One-Dimensional Speedster to True Number One Receiver

Coming out of the University of Miami, Travis Benjamin was known for one thing—pure speed. The turbocharged wide receiver and return specialist cloc...

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Seahawks DL Michael Bennett Has a Tropical Secret Behind His Explosive Style on the Field

In the midst of the Seattle Seahawks attempting to reach their third consecutive Super Bowl, defensive end Michael Bennett is having one his best ...

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2 Elements Often Missing From Workouts to Get Faster

Athletes are constantly in search of gaining an advantage over their opponent, and speed is often the line between success and failure. Incorporating...

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These Players Clocked the 10 Fastest Speeds During the 2015 NFL Regular Season

The NFL has gone high-tech. New for the 2015 season, every player has a tracker embedded in his shoulder pads that collects data like velocity, di...

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Latest Videos in Speed Training

Real Workouts: Austen Lane

NFL linebacker Austen Lane pushes through his off-season training session with position-specific field work, acceleration and lower-body lifting.

BOSU Lateral Switches With Drew Brees

Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints All-Pro quarterback, performs BOSU Lateral Switches during the off-season with coaching by Todd Durkin.

Increase Your Sprint Speed With Velocity Sports Performance

Rett Larson of Velocity Sports Performance shares tips on how to increase sprinting speed through core strength.

Olympic Sprinter Rodney Martin Resistance Belt Drills

In this training video, Olympic sprinter Rodney Martin performs a series of Resistance Belt Drills with coaching by Cedric Hill.

Olympic Sprinter Rodney Martin 30-Meter Sprints

Olympic sprinter Rodney Martin performs 30-Meter Sprints as part of his on-track speed training with coaching by Cedric Hill.