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Why the 40-Yard Dash Is Overrated as a Test for Running Backs

As the 2017 NFL Combine approaches the top pro football prospects in America will showcase their athleticism with a battery of tests inside Lucas Oil...

Slow Down to Get Faster: The A-March

No area of training is more critical to success in sports than speed. Athletes are always on the lookout for new speed drills. But to reach their ...

Cone Drills for Football Speed

Cone drills are an old-school staple for football speed drills. Next practice, try these three football cone drills to focus on your lateral and lin...

Get Faster: Speed Support Drill

Developing true speed takes patience, but with proper sprinting mechanics, over time you will become the athlete you've always wanted to be. (See B...

Basic Speed Training Drills for Any Sport

One of the most important attributes of athleticism is speed. It can differentiate good players from great players, and it's one of the most sought-...

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2017 Path to the Pros: The Fastest Guys in the Draft

Get to know the fastest players in this year’s NFL Draft, including Washington WR John Ross, who just broke the NFL Combine 40 Record with a blazing 4.22.

Game Changers: Can VKTRY's "Performance-Enhancing" Insoles Really Make You a More Explosive Athlete?

VKTRY's VK insoles have been found in studies to make athletes run faster, jump higher and change directions quicker. STACK puts them to the test.

Pro Bowl Running Back Latavius Murray’s Dodge Ball Agility Drill For Elite Reaction Time and Cutting Ability

NFL running back Latavius Murray performs a dodge ball agility drill with his performance coach Vincent Scollo.

How J.J. Watt Prepares for Speed Workouts

Brad Arnett, J.J. Watt's strength coach, explains how to perform a movement prep warm-up that prevents injury and improves speed.

How J.J. Watt Develops His Football Speed

Brad Arnett, J.J. Watt's strength coach, shows the ladder drills that J.J. performs to improve his multi-directional speed and quickness.