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NFL 'Cleat Bling' is Now a Thing: The Flashiest Spikes in Football

For years, fans paid as much attention to NFL players' footwear as they did to their economics professor's boring lectures. That is to say, not mu...

By: Jordan Zirm

How Stress Off the Field Can Lead to Injuries On the Field

When athletes sign up to play football, they know about the injury risks. However, some athletes don't know how stress off the field can cause them ...

By: Rob Scott

WATCH: Takeo Spikes Still Working On Getting a Bigger Neck

At one point in his career, former NFL linebacker and two-time Pro Bowler Takeo Spikes was able to bench 490 pounds. He had a 21-inch neck, arguab...

By: Maddy Lucier

An Athlete's Guide to Buying Shoes

Perhaps Nelly said it best in his song Air Force Ones: "I said give me two pairs 'cause I need two pairs." Like Nelly, athletes can't have just ...

By: Skyword

The Training Behind Dashon Goldson's Monster Hit

Dashon Goldson goes by the nickname "The Hawk"—as in a ball-hawking safety whose natural instincts allow him to quickly diagnose a play, soar across...

By: Zac Clark