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Watch Eastern Michigan Players Freak Out Over Their Bahamas Bowl Invitation

This is an awesome story. Eastern Michigan football has been really bad for a really long time. Prior to this year, the Eagles hadn't recorded ...

By: Brandon Hall

How Long Is a Baseball Game? Well, It Depends

Major League Baseball games last nine innings and take an average of three hours to complete. Minor league and collegiate baseball also last nine inni...

By: Andy Haley

A Guide to Playing Four-Ball Golf

Golf is way more than just swinging the ball with the iron to put it in the hole, and who will understand that better than golfers themselves? But while...

By: Olivia Taylor

The 5 Most Abysmal Prime Time Games of the 2016 NFL Season (So Far)

The NFL has been a dumpster fire this season. The bizarre crackdown on totally harmless celebrations. The mishandling of another domestic abuse cas...

By: Brandon Hall

Top 5 Times a Kicker Destroyed the Returner With a Huge Hit

Kickers are normally the last line of defense on kickoffs. By the time a returner reaches the kicker, he is usually either too slow, too weak or too o...

By: Rob Scott

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Patrick Mahomes Didn't Know He'd Passed for Over 700 Yards in a Single Game

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes was too caught up in the heat of the moment to realize he'd broken an NCAA single-game passing record against Oklahoma.

Todd Durkin's Ultimate Football Warmup

See how Drew Brees, Darren Sproles and other All-Pro NFL stars avoid injury and get primed to perform in workouts.

Dominant Tight End Travis Kelce's Old-School Workout

You don't need a complicated workout to get an All-Pro body. Travel with Kelce back to his hometown high school and see how his workout hits on all of the basics—then try it yourself.

The Route-Running Technique That's Taken A.J. Green's Game To The Next Level

All-Pro receiver A.J. Green explains how changing speeds during a route helps him get separation.

A.J. Green's Secret To a Succesful Double-Move

All-Pro receiver A.J. Green shares his secret for fooling defenders on a double-move.