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Is Kombucha Actually Healthy?

Kombucha. The name alone sounds exotic, like an elixir of health from a faraway land. Indeed, it's believed that kombucha—which is defined as a b...

By: Brandon Hall

The 4 Most Important Sports Nutrition Rules for Athletes

3 Big Rocks of Sports Nutrition A lesson in elementary school that really resonated with me was when we were given a large jar and 10 or so objects of...

By: Jeremy Dupont

Why Health Nuts Are Freaking Out for Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut seems like an unlikely superfood. While it's often accompanied by sausages and steins of beer, sauerkraut has nutritional benefits that ...

By: Brandon Hall

The Under-Appreciated Superfood Larry Fitzgerald Can't Live Without

Larry Fitzgerald is a pass-catching machine. His razor-sharp route-running and fly paper hands have helped him become one of the most productiv...

By: Brandon Hall

Protein Bar or Candy Bar: Can You Guess Which Is Which?

According to the Nutrition Business Journal, the US supplement industry is a 37-million dollar industry. That includes sports nutrition such as protein...

By: Justin Ochoa

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