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7 Foods That Are Ruining Your Workouts

Fueling up before a game, practice or workout can take your performance to the next level, provided you're loading the right stuff onto your plate...

By: Sam DeHority

Recipe for Success: NFL TE Tony Gonzalez's Protein Shake

In his 16 NFL seasons, tight end, Tony Gonzalez has produced a Hall of Fame resume, with 1,154 catches, 13,391 yards and 96 touchdowns. Severa...

By: Joseph Potts

Ask the Experts: How Can I Safely Cut Weight for Wrestling?

Q: What's the safest way to cut weight for an upcoming wrestling match? A: The key to cutting weight safely is making sure to give yourself enough ...

By: Josh Staph

Made-to-Order Restaurant Eating: Hold the Fat

Restaurant and fast food menus are usually loaded with high-fat, calorie-rich foods and meals. Heavy creams and sauces, mile-high toppings and super...

By: Sarah Gearhart

Fill Up on Fiber (But Not Before Competition)

Fiber plays an important role in an athlete's diet. Not only does it satiate your appetite by slowing the digestive process, it also keeps your GI...

By: Sarah Gearhart