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Use the Litvinov Workout to Increase Speed and Power

Last year, I picked up a book I recommend anyone serious about their training / coaching read. This book was Dan John's 'Never Let Go'. In it, Dan...

By: Ruairi ODonnellan

How This Type of Weightlifting Will Make You Sprint Faster

Force-Vector training takes into account each exercise's direction of resistance. For sports performance, force vector training is a beneficial strategy...

By: Erick Avila

Build Baseball Power With These 7 Explosive Exercises

As baseball off-season training is kicking into full gear, I've decided to provide a list of all-star exercises that have helped us produce the fastest,...

By: Alex Simone

3 CrossFit Endurance WODs to Improve Your Conditioning

When most people think of CrossFit, they usually view it as a strength training program. But when you look at a typical CrossFit WOD -- from the...

By: Jennifer Britton

A New and Improved Way to Measure Your Explosive Power

The Wingate test is the gold standard for measuring power. If you've ever been subjected to this torture test, you know it's an absolutely miserable 3...

By: Andy Haley