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Why Athletes Should Lift Like Powerlifters

Strength training is simply the ability of the body to develop more force in movement. This style of training is also most athletes' missing link to...

By: Travis Hansen

Research Discovers What Makes Usain Bolt The Fastest Man On Earth

Every 4 years we get to see one of the greatest and shortest sporting events on TV. The world stops to see 8 of the fastest sprinters come together as...

By: James de Lacey

Stranger Things: The Disappearance of America's Greatest Athletes

There is a magnificent sports park that stretches for miles and miles. It's a magical kind of playground that contains a great many football field...

By: K. L. Reeves

Justin Gatlin Taks About His Preparation for Rio

Most observers expect Usain Bolt to retain his title as the World's Fastest Man in Rio, but one sprinter has a legitimate shot at surpassing him: Ju...

By: Rob Scott

Allyson Felix Says She's Ready to 'Take Care of Business' in Rio

U.S. sprinter Allyson Felix failed to make the 200-meter event for the 2016 Rio Olympics. Felix was still healing from a serious ankle injury she suff...

By: Rob Scott