Squats may be a physically demanding exercise, but the performance benefits gained by incorporating this lift into your workout is worth the effort. Whether you're working to build pure power, strength, balance or flexibility, there is a Squat variation that will help you achieve your training goal. STACK has everything to help you master the Squat, including how-to instruction for performing the exercise, directions for completing multiple variations of the Squat, and video featuring elite athletes performing the Squat.

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This Dynamic Warm-Up Guarantees a Bigger Bench Press and Deadlift

Always End Your Warm Up With Dynamic Activation If you want to be a strong and powerful athlete, you better be training the central nervous system (CNS)...

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Build Strong Legs With This 21-Rep Circuit

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A Wrestling Warm-Up That Will Prepare Your Body for the Mat

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Build a Strong Lower Body With This Little-Known Deadlift Variation

There's a new twist on the old but effective Jefferson Deadlift. What is its unique element? The Plié' squat. If you've ever taken ballet classes, this...

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How Supersets Might Be Sabotaging Your Max Strength and Power

Supersets, tri-sets and giant sets have become staples in many strength and conditioning programs, and for good reasons. First, pairing exercises...

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The 8 Best Squat Variations

Use these squat variations to build your lower-body strength and power.

Two Goblet Squat Variations for Ripped Abs

Unlike the Back Squat and Front Squat, you can perform variations of the Goblet Squat that target your core.

Elite Performance with Mike Boyle: Increase Core Strength While Squatting

In this episode of STACK Elite Performance, Mike Boyle discusses the role of the core during the Squat.

Elite Performance with Mike Boyle: How to Fix Your Single-Leg Squat

In this episode of STACK Elite Performance, Mike Boyle shows you how to fix your Single-Leg Squat.

Celebrity Sweat Challenge: The Superhero Squat

Check out Celebrity Sweat's training tip of the week—Superhero Squats. Eric the Trainer shows you how to master this heavy squat training routine.