Steve Nash

Two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash is still going strong, thanks to a disciplined workout and diet routine (and the magic of his team's training staff). Learn more about the Canadian legend, including videos and articles breaking down his real-life workouts. Want to be a leader on the court? Start with Steve Nash.

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Steve Nash is Helping Kevin Durant Add a New Move to His Game

At this point in his career, Kevin Durant has mastered virtually every move on the offensive side of the ball. He has range beyond the 3-point arc. He...

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The Steve Nash Dribbling Drill

If you're looking for a multi-functional drill to improve ball handling, passing and finishing, you can't find a better one than Steve Nash's Two-Ba...

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FIFA 12 Soccer Matchup: Steve Nash vs. Hope Solo

It's no secret that NBA All-Star point guard Steve Nash has some soccer skills, but how well does he match up against the U.S. Women's National Te...

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Develop Game-Time Conditioning With Plyometric Intervals

Taking long breaks in the weight room won't simulate game conditions. To achieve a higher level of conditioning, you must push yourself, even during r...

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Power of the Nap for Athletes

The game-day nap is as commonplace as the pre-game shootaround, suggests an article in today's The New York Times. The article states, "Napping is o...

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