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Tom Brady Has Never Eaten a Strawberry

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is a health nut. He doesn't drink coffee. He eats avocado ice cream and calls it dessert. He equates drin...

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Try This Coffee and Fruit Smoothie for a Pre-Workout Energy Boost

Have you ever tried a caffeinated smoothie? If not, you are missing out on all the benefits of caffeine for performance. Although coffee is often...

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3 Fruit Recipes That Alleviate Sore Muscles

All athletes will experience delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after a workout due to small tears that are occurring within the muscle fibers when...

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Powerade Removes Controversial Ingredient

Coca-Cola is removing a controversial ingredient from its Powerade sports beverage following a similar move by Pepsi's Gatorade last year. The ...

By: Sam DeHority

5 Protein-Packed Recovery Shakes

You put your body through a lot when you work out and you should reward it with fuel. Recovery shakes filled with protein and complex carbohydrates are...

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