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Train Like an NFL Player This Off-Season

What does it take to play in the NFL? A lot of hard work ,dedication , talent and a desire to always get better. The Super Bowl ends one season and...

By: Rich Sadiv

What Parents Need to Know About Their Kid's Strength Training Program

A Parent's Guide to Strength & Conditioning What Parents Need to Know About Their Kids Strength Training Program Want to give your child an edge over...

By: Andrew Heming

10 Tips for Effective Strength Training Programs for Swimming

To improve your swimming, training out of the pool is vital. One important part of a successful swimmer's training program is strength training....

By: G. John Mullen

WATCH: 19-Year-Old Dylan Larkin Breaks NHL Fastest Skater Record

For 20 years, Mike Gartner's record in the NHL's Fastest Skater Competition has held firm. Despite the faster speed and incredible talent in the mod...

By: Andy Haley

The 20-Minute Strength and Endurance Workout

In today's society body image is vitally important to more people than ever. With all the social media outlets, and pictures posted all over the...

By: Brian Smith

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Incorporating a Quality Swimming Strength Training Program

Mike Basgier, assistant strength and conditioning coach at Indiana University, talks about the importance of implementing a quality strength training program and finding a certified coach.