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Use This Upper-Body Warm-Up Before Heavy Lifts

Do you need a new upper body warm up? Are you feeling stale going into your press day? Have you been having some aches and pains? Or are you simply not...

By: J.T. Kotowski

WATCH: 19-Year-Old Dylan Larkin Breaks NHL Fastest Skater Record

For 20 years, Mike Gartner's record in the NHL's Fastest Skater Competition has held firm. Despite the faster speed and incredible talent in the mod...

By: Andy Haley

Short on Time? Try High-Rep Single Sets

Need a quick strength workout, but don't have an hour to spare? This is a problem many face at one point or another. You want to lift, but can't fit i...

By: Andy Haley

How Wrestlers Can Get Strong

The biggest factor in winning a wrestling match is strength. Strength is wrestling's most important attribute because the stronger you are as an ath...

By: Danavir Sarria

Get Stronger: Lower-Body Strength

For nearly every athletic movement, power originates in the lower body. Muscles like the quads, hamstrings, calves and glutes provide the foundat...

By: Brandon Guarneri