Too often overlooked and under appreciated, stretching is actually a very important aspect of training for any athlete. If incorporated into workouts, stretching has the ability to help speed up recovery and build muscle, as well as heal and prevent injuries. Turn to STACK for the perfect stretches needed to amp up your workout routine as well as guides on how to incorporate Pilates and yoga into your training plans.

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The Key to Dominant Strength and Power

Workout Fundamentals: The Key to Dominant Strength & Power By Shane Trotter, CSCS We live in the age of information and yet there is far less...

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Build an Effective Workout With This 8-Step Blueprint

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This Simple Plyometric Exercise Will Make You Faster

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5 Simple Tips That Will Maximize Your Workouts

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Arizona Shortstop Nick Ahmed's Hip Mobility Series

Arizona shortstop Nick Ahmed performs a two-exercise hip mobility series during an off-season workout to stay healthy at the end of an intense lower-body strength day. Ahmed performs Deep Squats and a Manual Hip Stretch to keep his hips mobile.

Warm-Up and Training Basics with L.A. Kings Matt Greene and Kyle Clifford

Go behind the scenes with pro hockey stars Matt Greene and Kyle Clifford to see their secrets for warming-up and staying in shape.

6 Power Plate Exercise Variations

Power Plates are typically used by strength coaches for dynamic warm-ups and recovery workouts, and by physical therapists for rehab and injury prevention routines.

STACK Fitness Weekly: 2 Stretches to Reduce Football Injuries

In this episode of STACK Fitness Weekly, Mark Roozen shows you two stretches for football players.

Elite Performance With Mike Boyle: Benefits of Stretching Between Sets

In this episode of STACK Elite Performance, Mike Boyle discusses the benefits of stretching between sets and explains how to implement it in your training.