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This Simple Plyometric Exercise Will Make You Faster

Plyometric exercises are among the best ways to improve your speed for your sport. Unfortunately, too many athletes butcher them. Sometimes the...

By: Andy Haley

Improve Your Arm Swing for Faster Sprints

"The devil is in the details." Your greatest improvements are going to come from the little things you do in preparation. When it comes to sprinting,...

By: Chris Cooper

3 Form Fixes to Help You Sprint Faster

How Fast Are You? Have you ever been taught how to run, Correctly? Did you know over 50% of athletes run with BAD form? These questions are very...

By: Shearill Brown

Cardale Jones's NFL Combine Ends Prematurely After He Pulls His Hamstring Running the 40-Yard Dash

Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones got off to a great start at the NFL Scouting Combine by posting an official 4.81-second 40-Yard Dash. For a guy...

By: Andy Haley

WATCH: MMA Fighter Accidentally Punches Official Square in the Face

During some punch-packed Bellator action last night, Gregory "Blade" Babene landed some solid blows. However, his cleanest shot came after the final...

By: Josh Staph