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The Sprinting Form Mistake That's Slowing You Down

Many of you aren't reaching your potential sprinting speed, and it's all because of an all too common form mistake that's actually taught by many coac...

By: Andy Haley

4 Football Conditioning Drills That Work

One football tradition that will never die is good old fashioned team rivalries. But America's favorite sport has evolved. It is a faster, more expl...

By: Ryan Sprague

The 4 Fundamentals of Hitting a Baseball

The three body parts that are the keys to a great hitting technique Feet (control the balance) The feet are the foundation for the hitter. The stance...

By: Brian Smith

Complete Wide Receiver Strength Training Program, Part 2

In the first part of this series on wide receiver strength training, I provided a detailed wide receiver workout that builds strength, power, speed an...

By: John Cissik

This Simple Plyometric Exercise Will Make You Faster

Plyometric exercises are among the best ways to improve your speed for your sport. Unfortunately, too many athletes butcher them. Sometimes the...

By: Andy Haley

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Univ. of Tennessee Ankle Bungee Baseball Pitcher Stride-Out

University of Tennessee baseball performs the Pitcher Stride-Out with coaching by strength and conditioning coach Brian Gearity.

University of Tennessee Baseball Ankle Bungee Zig-Zag

The University of Tennessee baseball team performs Ankle Bungee Zig-Zags with coaching by strength and conditioning coach Brian Gearity.

Brian Gearity on the Benefits of Ankle Bands

University of Tennessee baseball's strength and conditioning coach Brian Gearity talks about how implementing ankle bands into their training has improved performance.