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WATCH: Pro Surfer Gets Engulfed By Humongous Wave

Action sports can be extremely dangerous. Whether you're doing backflips on a bike, jumping out of an airplane or riding a big wave, there's always ...

By: Rob Scott

Watch History as Robbie 'Maddo' Maddison Rides a Wave on His Dirtbike

Robbie Maddison is a motorbike stuntman from Australia who is known for performing crazy stunts. This daredevil has cleared a football field and bac...

By: Rob Scott

Professional Surfer Jamie O'Brien Rides Dangerous Wave On Fire!

Jamie O'Brien is a professional surfer out of North Shore, Hawaii, and he just accomplished something very dangerous. He rode one of surfing's heavies...

By: Rob Scott

'The Tribes of Palos Verdes' Will Feature Jennifer Garner, Tye Sheridan and Maika Monroe

Word is out that the big screen adaptation of Joy Nicholson's popular YA novel The Tribes of Palos Verdes will star Jennifer Garner along with promisi...

By: SkywordNews

Amazing 6-Year-Old Surfer Girl Will Brighten Your Day

At just 6 years old, Australian Quincy Symonds could be mistaken for a professional surfer. "The Flying Squirrel," as she's called, has no fear. She...

By: Maddy Lucier