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The Best Type of ACL Graft

I wish I could present a one word article that simple said which ACL graft is best, but as with most things in the science world, the answer is more...

By: Scott Gunter

How a Secret Procedure Helped Richard Jefferson Overcome Severe Asthma and Become An NBA Champion

When Richard Jefferson was 12, he had a bad asthma attack. It was severe enough to land him in the hospital, and from then on, his life and daily rout...

By: Jordan Zirm

New Tommy John Surgery Alternative Has Potential to Cut Rehab Time in Half

Elbow pain is a pitcher's worst nightmare. Why? It could mean that you are out for an entire season or more recovering from Tommy John surgery. Tommy...

By: Andy Haley

Sports Hernias: What You Need to Know

When it comes to athletic injuries, the mind imagines broken bones and torn tendons. Yet one of the more common injuries I see in my practice as a...

By: Dr. Benton A. Emblom

WATCH: J.J. Watt Shows Off His Post-Surgery Progress by Jumping Onto a Massive Box

All-Pro Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt is back in the gym and showing everyone that his recent "groin" surgery is a thing of the past. The s...

By: Josh Staph

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Dr. Freddie Fu, orthopaedic surgeon, explains three recovery options after tearing an ACL.

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What Makes an ACL Surgery Successful

Find out about the reliability of surgery for a torn ACL.

Why Time is Crucial for ACL Recovery

Dr. Freddie Fu, orthopaedic surgeon, explains why it’s best to await ACL recovery before hitting the field.

Female Athletes and ACL Tears

Do female athletes tear their ACLs more than male athletes? Listen in as orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Freddie Fu explains his answer.