To become a world-class swimmer, you must develop proper stroke mechanics, a strong back and the endurance to power through the finish without losing form. At STACK, you'll learn how to maximize all aspects of your swimming performance with workouts, drills and diet advice from today's top experts and athletes. For even more swimming workouts, browse our swimming training videos.

Latest in Swimming

5 Tips to Avoid Rookie Mistakes at Your First Triathlon

Nothing does more for an ego than competing in a triathlon. It's a testament to not only your fitness, but also your endurance level — both mental and...

By: Chris Thornham

Build Healthy Shoulders With 5 Rotator Cuff-Strengthening Exercises

The rotator cuff consists of four small muscles - infraspinatus, supraspinatus, subscapularus, teres minor - that help to stabilize the shoulder joint...

By: Keith Tesch

Try These 2 Insane TRX Core Exercises from Olympic Swimmer Cullen Jones

Tw0-time Olympian and two-time gold medalist swimmer Cullen Jones is gearing up for Rio in 2016, hoping to earn his first gold medal in his specia...

By: Maddy Lucier

Build Endurance With This Navy SEAL Workout Finisher

As part of their training, Navy SEAL candidates swim lots of miles, sometimes in the middle of the night and sometimes with their hands and feet bound...

By: Dustin Brady

The Navy SEAL Swim Workout

U.S. Navy SEALS are a dominant force by sea, land and air, and this workout from former SEAL Lieutenant Stew Smith can make you one too. Smith uses ...

By: Dustin Brady

Latest Videos in Swimming

Meet Your U.S. Olympians: Nathan Adrian

Get inside access into training of American swimmer and Olympic gold medalist Nathan Adrian as he prepares for the Summer Games in London.

Marathon Training With Subway's Michael Phelps and Apolo Ohno

Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps joins fellow gold medalist and Subway advocate Apolo Ohno for a day of training. Ohno is on a quest to run the NYC IGN Marathon.

Ndamukong Suh Hydro Training

Future NFL star Ndamukong Suh performs regenerative pool training at Michael Johnson Performance, while the director of performance, Lance Walker, explains the routine and benefits for Big Suh.

Benefits of Following a College Strength and Conditioning Swimming Program

Georgia Tech swimmer Johnny Hagaman talks about how his body has developed as his training evolved throughout his career.

Choosing to Swim and Study at Georgia Tech

Johnny Hagaman discusses his recruiting process and why he ultimately chose to extend his academic and athletic career at Georgia Tech.