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Learn to Perform Kettlebell Swings Correctly by Avoiding Common Form Mistakes

Kettlebell Swings were once exclusively performed by athletes in the Soviet Union. Now you'd be hard pressed to walk through a gym and not see at leas...

By: Andy Haley

This Sledgehammer Exercise Will Improve Your Hitting and Throwing Power

The Exercise Sledgehammer Rotational Swings Who Does It Construction workers, Woodcutters Firefighters, Boxers, MMA Athletes, and Strongman Training...

By: Kelvin King Jr.

The 4 Fundamentals of Hitting a Baseball

The three body parts that are the keys to a great hitting technique Feet (control the balance) The feet are the foundation for the hitter. The stance...

By: Brian Smith

How to Properly Recover After Your Baseball Season

For many baseball players, August marks the end of a very long season. College players have been playing since February, high school and youth players...

By: Jimmy Sheppard

WATCH: 42-Year-Old Hideki Matsui Jacks a Home Run Into the Second Deck During Yankees Old-Timers' Game

It's been four years since Hideki Matsui swung a bat for an MLB team, making it easy to forget how incredible he was over his 10-year career. After co...

By: Jordan Zirm

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South Alabama Bat Speed Training with the Reebok Vector O Bat

University of South Alabama baseball head coach Steve Kittrell and assistant coach Alan Luckie discuss the importance of training bat speed and how the Reebok Vector O Bat has benefited their ball players.

South Alabama Baseball Benefits From the Reebok Vector O Bat

The coaching staff for the University of South Alabama baseball team discusses the benefits they see on the field when their ball players go up to bat using the Reebok Vector O Bat, including increased swing speed.

South Alabama Baseball Top Drop Drill

Assistant coach Alan Luckie of the South Alabama baseball team discusses how to perform the Top Drop Batting Drill with the Reebok Vector O Bat.

South Alabama Baseball One-Knee Batting Drill

The University of South Alabama baseball team performs the One-Knee Batting Drill with the Reebok Vector O Bat to focus on their swing speed while using just the upper body, with coaching by assistant coach Alan Luckie.

Rhythm Hitting with South Alabama Baseball

South Alabama assistant coach Alan Luckie explains the baseball team's Rhythm Hitting Drill and the benefits of swinging correctly with the Reebok Vector O Bat.