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How to Properly Recover After Your Baseball Season

For many baseball players, August marks the end of a very long season. College players have been playing since February, high school and youth players...

By: Jimmy Sheppard

WATCH: 42-Year-Old Hideki Matsui Jacks a Home Run Into the Second Deck During Yankees Old-Timers' Game

It's been four years since Hideki Matsui swung a bat for an MLB team, making it easy to forget how incredible he was over his 10-year career. After co...

By: Jordan Zirm

How to Increase Flexibility for Golf

I love golf. In my opinion, golf is the most mentally challenging game out there. I know what your thinking right now: "Ben's a meat head, can he even...

By: Ben Boudro

4 Workout Strategies to Build Better Golfers

Golf fitness is nothing new. Tiger was probably one of the first big name golfers to popularize strength training, and, since then, it has recently...

By: PJ Strebel

WATCH: A-Rod Blasts Towering Homerun on First Swing of Spring Training

A-Rod just went yard, big time. On his very first swing of Spring Training, the Yankees DH sent a two-run shot to the moon against the Phillies. E...

By: Josh Staph