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Ohio State Football Coaches Strapped Up And Went Head-to-Head Against Players in a Tackling Drill

As Ohio State prepares for their BCS semifinal playoff game against Clemson on December 31, the team found time to have some fun with a coaches vs. pl...

By: Rob Scott

These 5 Linebacker Drills Will Get You Better Fast

Though a linebacker's responsibilities can vary widely depending on scheme, their number one priority is usually making tackles. Linebackers frequentl...

By: Brandon Hall

The Pittsburgh Steelers Are Practicing With an Unbelievably Fast Robotic Tackling Dummy

As football teams continue to look for ways to make practice safer and reduce helmet-to-helmet contact, new technology is taking the place of old-sc...

By: Brandon Hall

Here's The New Tackling Technique That's Revolutionizing Football Safety

Head injuries are changing the game of football. As researchers learn more about the long-term impacts of concussions and sub-concussive hits, the ...

By: Brandon Hall

Master Heads Up Football's 5 Tackling Drills and Techniques

USA Football's Heads Up Football program isn't just making the game safer. It's building better football players and helping coaches create bette...

By: Zac Clark