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Latest in Tennis

Gatorade Releases an 8-Bit Video Game in Honor of Serena Williams' Career

The 2016 U.S. Open starts today, and Gatorade has released an 8-bit video game on Snapchat featuring Serena Williams, one of the sport's all-time gr...

By: Rob Scott

Watch Tennis Star Caroline Wozniacki Push a 535-Pound Sled With Ease

Tennis Star Caroline Wozniacki celebrated her 26th birthday on Monday, but instead of taking the day off to eat cake like a normal person, she worke...

By: Rob Scott

The Training Plan That Powers John Isner Through His Marathon-Length Tennis Matches

Six years ago, American John Isner played a tennis match that stretched over three days. His 11 hour and 5 minute match against Nicolas Mahut at W...

By: Jordan Zirm

How to Master the Tennis Put-Away Forehand Shot With Elite Tennis Coach Gabe Jaramillo

The put-away forehand is an essential skill for tennis players to win critical points during a match. A proper put-away forehand allows for easy, hi...

By: Rob Scott

Elite Tennis Coach Gabe Jaramillo Demonstrates Tips to Master Your Tennis Backhand

With rare exceptions, a tennis player's backhand tends to be his or her weakest ground stroke. But with a few simple technique tweaks, your average ...

By: Rob Scott

Latest Videos in Tennis

Elite Tennis Coach Gabe Jaramillo Demonstrates Tips to Master your Tennis Backhand

At Club Med Sandpiper Bay, tennis coach Gabe Jaramillo gives tips for improving your tennis backhand. Jaramillo shows the proper grip, swing, and body placement to create a powerful stroke.

How to Master the Tennis Put Away Forehand Shot

Elite coach Gabe Jaramillo at Club Med Sandpiper Bay explains how to add the put away forehand to your tennis game.

Add 20MPH to Ace your Tennis Serve With Help from Elite Tennis Coach Gabe Jaramillo

At Club Med Sandpiper Bay, world renowned tennis coach Gabe Jaramillo explains how to add 20 miles per hour to your serve to guarantee it is always an ace.

The STACK Rundown: CP3.VIII, the adidas Crazylight Boost and Roger Federer's Air Jordan-Inspired Kicks

This week on the STACK Rundown, we look at the CP3.VIII and two other new kicks that recently dropped.

Tennis Football Toss

Watch to learn how throwing a football can improve tennis serve technique with instruction from Scott Del Mastro of Club Med Academies.