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EXCLUSIVE: 42-Year-Old Terrell Owens Reveals His Secret for Staying in Incredible Shape

Even at 42-years old, Terrell Owens still looks like he could strap on a helmet and roast an NFL cornerback. The six-time Pro Bowler always had...

By: Brandon Hall

We Asked Terrell Owens Who He Thinks Is the Best Receiver in the NFL. His Answer Might Surprise You

The NFL is enjoying a golden age of wide receivers. The talent at the position is nothing short of astounding, and the numbers posted by wide receiv...

By: Brandon Hall

Butterfinger and Terrell Owens Are Offering to Cover $50K in Excessive Celebration Fines for Any NFL Player

Remember the days before the NFL became the No Fun League? The days when Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson would bust out ridiculous touchdown celebr...

By: Brandon Hall

EXCLUSIVE: Terrell Owens Weighs in on Cam Newton's Celebration Dances

Although he's been the subject of many letters to the editor and huffy Twitter rants, Cam Newton is not the first NFL superstar to catch flak for havi...

By: Brandon Hall

Band Training With T.O.

It's truly a shame that most of what we know about Terrell Owens comes from sensationalized stores by overzealous reporters who are more concerned wit...

By: Josh Staph