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The Explosive Way to Improve Your Bench Press With a Medicine Ball

The Med Ball Explosive Press is one of the easiest and most effective exercises to build a more powerful upper body and increase your Bench Press stre...

By: Andy Haley

The Comprehensive Guide to Preseason Baseball Training

Baseball season is nearly upon us, and that means that many of you are doing your best to prepare for the grueling season ahead. But too often, baseba...

By: Andy Haley

5 Med Ball Exercises for Baseball Players

RotationalPower is essential to be a successful baseball player no matter what position you play. Having the proper lower body mechanics is the first...

By: Matt Van Sumeren

Flashback Friday: Peyton Manning Tried to Teach Yao Ming How to Throw a Football

During an old Gatorade commercial starring three retired athletes—NFL superstar quarterback Peyton Manning, legendary NBA center Yao Ming and icon...

By: Rob Scott

Test Your Power With These 2 Exercises

Power is probably the most sought after facet of athleticism in sports. Maximal power is the highest amount of force and velocity your able to produce...

By: Erick Avila