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7 Athletes Who Make Insane Money Off Endorsement Deals

Pro athletes get paid plenty of money. The average NBA player has a contract that sees them rake in $7.5 million a season, for instance. But...

7 Athletes Who Had Monster Years Immediately After Getting LASIK

For an athlete, their eyes are everything. Vision is a gift, and it's one athletes simply cannot take for granted. It doesn't matter how strong...

Tiger Woods Played 'Call of Duty' 8 Hours a Day When Healing From Surgery

Golf legend Tiger Woods has been out of the game for quite some time. The winner of 14 major tournaments has not competed in a PGA tournament in ove...

5 Badass Performances by Athletes Playing Through Significant Injury

Playing through injuries in sports is almost like a right of passage. It isn't exactly smart or safe, but it's one reason why we now know more abo...

WATCH: Tiger Woods Tries (and Fails) Three Times to Shoot Over Water Hazard

Even once-great golf star Tiger Woods cannot avoid water hazards. Woods hit a few practice shots for the media following a press conference Monda...

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