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New Tommy John Surgery Alternative Has Potential to Cut Rehab Time in Half

Elbow pain is a pitcher's worst nightmare. Why? It could mean that you are out for an entire season or more recovering from Tommy John surgery. Tommy...

By: Andy Haley

The Hidden Pitch Count That's Causing Tommy John Surgeries

The possibility of needing Tommy John surgery is a dark cloud that hangs over baseball players, especially pitchers and catchers. Some wonder when, ...

By: Andy Haley

Why Tommy John Surgery Is Ruining Pitchers

No single medical procedure has had more impact on a sport than Tommy John surgery on baseball. Thirty-seven years after the first procedure to re...

By: Dr. Rocco Monto

4 Strategies to Prevent Tommy John Surgery

Let's be clear, having Tommy John surgery before during or after an ulnar collateral ligament tear will not turn you into the next Henry Rowengartner....

By: Mo Skelton

New App to Help Pitchers Avoid Tommy John Surgery

Photo via ESPN With Tommy John surgery—a procedure that replaces an injured ulnar collateral ligament in the elbow—being performed with increa...

By: Jordan Zirm