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Tony Gonzalez Heeds Own Advice, Plans to Return in 2013

In announcing his decision to return for the 2013 NFL season, TE Tony Gonzalez acted on the same advice he offered during a STACK interview back in ...

By: Zac Clark

Read This: "The All-Pro Diet" by Tony Gonzalez

Professional football player Tony Gonzalez has authored The All-Pro Diet, which claims to "help you gain the strength, stamina, and energy of a p...

By: SkywordNews

Recipe for Success: NFL TE Tony Gonzalez's Protein Shake

In his 16 NFL seasons, tight end, Tony Gonzalez has produced a Hall of Fame resume, with 1,154 catches, 13,391 yards and 96 touchdowns. Severa...

By: Joseph Potts

Tony Gonzalez Shakes Things Up

Atlanta Falcons TE Tony Gonzalez throws down a protein-packed smoothie recipe, complete with the following ingredients: Strawberries Banana ...

By: Sarah Gearhart

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Tony Gonzalez: Why Athletes Need a Shrink

Atlanta Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez offers his opinion why sports psychology--which is covered in his book "The All-Pro Diet"--is beneficial for all athletes.

Tony Gonzalez: How I'm Training Now

Workout warrior Tony Gonzalez reveals how he preps for the NFL season, which is also covered in his book "The All-Pro Diet."

Tony Gonzalez on the Protein Advantage

Football standout and health aficionado Tony Gonzalez delves into why athletes should safely use protein supplements.

Tony Gonzalez's All-Pro Science Supplements

Atlanta Falcons star Tony Gonzalez discusses the advantages of using safe supplements from his company All-Pro Science.

Tony Gonzalez's Key Nutrition Tips

Health-conscious NFL standout Tony Gonzalez reveals what athletes need to put in their bodies for optimal performance.