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Here's How Many Carbs and Calories You Save By Ditching the Bread, Bun or Wrap

If you're looking to clean up your diet, streamlining your meals is essential. You want to maximize the amount of food you eat while keeping the cal...

By: Brandon Hall

3 Simple Tricks That Make Eating Fast Food Way More Healthy

Eating at the drive-thru has always been considered a surefire way to increase your risk for obesity and other nutritionally related health proble...

By: Brandon Hall

The Skinny Elvis: Best Muscle-Building Snack You've Never Heard Of

A healthy snack can be the difference between dragging through your workout and dominating it. But a tight schedule might not leave you much time to...

By: Brandon Hall

4 'Bad Foods' That Might be Good for You

As nutritionists, we learned in Nutrition 101 that unsaturated fats are the "good" fats whereas saturated fats are the "bad" ones. For years we were...

By: Justin Robinson

5 Savory Breakfast Ideas for Athletes

Savory Breakfast Ideas  A common concern for clients is their inability to eat first thing in the morning when they wake up. You're tired, have no...

By: Kait Fortunato

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Karen Freeman on Simple Snacks

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