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STACK is taking a deep dive into real training by real pro athletes. Advice and tips from elite pro strength coaches along with complete pro athlete workouts will help you train like a pro and elevate your performance.

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3 Popular Core Exercises a Pro Athlete Would Never Do (And What to Do Instead)

"As an athlete, period, your core is like the friggin' engine. It triggers everything, it gets everything going. Guys can be as big as they want in th...

By: Brandon Hall

Train Like a Pro: Julio Jones 3-Day Sandbag Strength Program

Why do some athletes choose to work out with sandbags? "Because it builds real world strength!" is a popular answer that's difficult to dis...

By: Josh Henkin

Train Like a Pro: Baseball Strength Workout Program

Baseball season is long and grueling. You need the strength and power to hit and throw hard, but most importantly you need to stay healthy. That's...

By: Andy Haley

Train Like a Pro: Upper-Body Workout Tips From the Lakers' Strength Coach

Your workouts are the time when you become a better athlete. Every exercise you do is designed specifically to help you achieve a goal, like more ...

By: Andy Haley

Train Like a Pro: MLS Soccer Strength Program

Soccer players: Build strength for the pitch with this program created by Mike Robertson, president of Robertson Training Systems and co-owner of I-...

By: Andy Haley

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Andy Finch’s Words of Wisdom

Andy Finch, pro snowboarder, offers advice to young riders to always have fun and take care of your body so you can be in the best shape possible for competitions.