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How Correct Form for Back Exercises Can Vary Depending on Your Height and Physique

Lee Boyce on The Truth About Back Exercises Video: Simply put, no two bodies are created equally. Taller...

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How to Build Functional and Durable Muscle for Sports Performance

The Protective Mechanisms of MuscleZ For Athletes Have you ever wondered how NFL running backs endure such punishment throughout the football season, or...

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Does Tom Brady's Focus on Muscle Pliability Actually Work?

At 37 years old, Tom Brady is arguably the best quarterback in the NFL. Some of you may balk at this statement, but facts are facts—the guy can flat...

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WATCH: Michael Phelps Shows Off His New, Ripped Physique In This Incredible Under Armour Ad

There's been a lot of chatter recently about how shredded Michael Phelps looks as he prepares for what he says will be his final Olympics this summe...

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Watch How Antonio Brown's Amazing Footwork Put the San Francisco 49ers to Sleep

If you call Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown the best wideout in the NFL, it would be hard for anyone to drum up an argument agains...

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