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How to Blast Through Training Plateaus and Regularly Set PRs

This article will save many people from getting stuck and plateauing with their training. This is about earning personal records (PR's) once you pass...

By: Beau Bradbury

3 Steps to Help You Accomplish Your New Year's Resolutions

This is the time of year when everyone is thinking about their new years resoluion and how they are going to follow through on the commitment they most...

By: Ryan Obernesser

4 New Wrestling Diet Rules That National Champions Follow—and You Should Too

Weight cutting in wrestling is as common as sunflower seeds in baseball or missing teeth in hockey. The long-held belief is that competing in the lowest...

By: Jason Barbour

How to Make Consistent Strength Gains Without Burning Yourself Out

Structured deload weeks are a waste of time for non-competitive lifters. Sure, going heavy for three weeks and drastically cutting volume and intensity...

By: Yunus Barisik

How to Determine the Best Exercises for Your Workout Program

As an athlete or a coach, you are often met with the task of writing up a training program either for yourself or one of your athletes. But what's the...

By: Ruairi ODonnellan

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David Marsh on a Swimming Weight Training Plan

Former Auburn University swimming head coach and current CEO and head coach of Mecklenburg Aquatic Club, David Marsh, talks about the importance of having a solid weight training plan for swmming.