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What's the Difference Between Dry Needling and Acupuncture?

The Latest Technique in Sports Performance Physical Therapy When it comes to new age physical therapy techniques changing the game in the rehabilitation...

By: John Rusin

Can Stretching Make You Stronger?

You often hear how stretching—whether static, isometric or dynamic—should be a focal point of  every workout. Phrases like "each session take...

By: Chris Costa

3 Key Hamstring Stretches for Athletes

The typical sports career is fleeting, weighted heavily on an athlete's youth. Injuries mean spending valuable time in the training room rehabbing i...

By: Wray Watkins

5 Keys to Researching College Athletic Programs

Roster Visit athletic department websites to assess team rosters. A team loaded with seniors could mean early playing time, since holes in the depth ...

By: Zac Clark

Establishing a Game Day Routine

Most professional athletes have their own ways of getting things done before taking the field or court. Here, three vets share elements of their routi...

By: Matt Siracusa