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2 Proven Ways to Progress Through a Training Plateau

An athlete gets stronger by applying a greater training stress to the body than it has previously experience, which can be enabled by using a strength...

By: Will Davis

5 Training Tips to Get a Great Workout When You're Short on Time

There are plenty of people in this world who say they want to be fit, but complain that work, family, and other commitments keeps them too busy or...

By: Gary Moller

How Your Body's Natural Schedule Affects Your Workouts

Keeping your body in tip top shape can require a certain level of planning. You should plan your meals, your workouts and your activity level - but...

By: Gary Moller

What is Sunday Night Insomnia, Why Does It Ruin Your Monday Workouts and What Can You Do About It?

What is Sunday Night Insomnia? When doing wellness presentations for a variety of different audiences, one topic that always sparks a great deal of...

By: John Matulevich

Get an Inside Look at The Elite Football Training Facility Where Joe Flacco and Patrick Peterson Prepped for the Pros

TEST Football Academy helps youth, high school, collegiate and pro football players improve their skills; and since 1992, they have trained athlet...

By: Brandon Hall