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How Correct Form for Back Exercises Can Vary Depending on Your Height and Physique

Lee Boyce on The Truth About Back Exercises Video: Simply put, no two bodies are created equally. Taller...

By: Lee Boyce

Why Sport-Specific Training is Overrated

I recently had a parent of one of the athlete's I train approach me and kindly imply that our training should be based on primarily sport specific...

By: Travis Hansen

Dallas Cowboys Coach Invents 2 Crazy New Drills You Have to See to Believe

With their long practices, constant yelling from coaches and endless meetings, football training camp is hard enough. But Dallas Cowboys tight end...

By: Brandon Hall

Why Position-Specific Training is Crucial for Football Players

To improve as a player in the off-season, you have to be specific and purposeful about your training. Football players must identify specific m...

By: Chip Smith

Read and React: Born To Run

Over the past few decades, science and technology have become huge factors in the realm of sports, aiding the development of new and improved trai...

By: Matt Siracusa