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Do Altitude Training Masks Actually Work?

Does an elevation training masks do more harm than good? Athletes are always looking for an edge, something that will give them a tactical advantage on...

By: Joseph Potts

DIY Sandbag for Convenient Training

You probably know that sandbags can serve as a great training tool for any athlete regardless of the sport he or she plays. What you may not know is...

By: Roger Lockridge

Andrew Bynum Workout Preview, Part 2

Check out the second preview video of Andrew Bynum's Celebrity Sweat workout. In this one, the Philadelphia 76ers center incorporates his favorite...

By: Samantha Jones

Improve Your Batting Average With a One-Handed Bat

Many training tools claim to improve your swing. Some are effective and others fail to live up to their hype. In my experience, the one tool that I ...

By: Eric Bunnell

Tips and Tools for Open Water Swim Training for Women's Triathlon

When it comes to swimming in a lake or the ocean, every women's triathlon swim training program should incorporate a few key elements; and if you'...

By: Tanya Maslach