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WATCH: Christen Press's Unbelievable Goal Shows the USWNT is Ready to Dominate Rio

Our national treasure, the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team, returned to play on Feb. 10, looking every bit as dominant as they did during their ...

WATCH: Darnell Dockett's Off-Season Training Looks REALLY Intense

Arizona Cardinals DE Darnell Dockett is hitting the weight room hard. Dockett tore his ACL last summer, but a couple weeks back, he shared his expl...

Montreal Canadiens Defenseman P.K. Subban Goes HAM in the Weight Room

No, P.K. Subban is not a farmer. He just plays one during the off-season. profiled Subban last summer in its "Off-Season Training Seri...

Coach Basketball With Video Training Drills

In my experience as a coach, I've found athletes respond better when you "show" instead of "tell." Think about it. A play doesn't come alive on pa...

Vince Young Broke As a Joke

In recent years, a number of retired NFL players have made news with public falls from grace. The latest pro footballer to fall head first into th...

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How Dominic Smith Increases His Agility for Baseball

Perform MLB prospect Dominic Smith's Box Drill to improve your agility in the field.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Turns Over Healthy New Leaf

Earnhardt returns to racing at Sunday’s Daytona 500. Ahead of the race, Earnhardt told STACK about the changes he has made, how his dad stayed in shape, and whether those banana-mayonnaise sandwiches are still being made in his house.

Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Apple Watch Series 2

The Apple Watch Series 2 is the perfect gift for any fitness-buff this holiday season.

Build Injury-Proof Shoulders With the Crossover Symmetry Resistance Band System

So whether you’re a pitcher who needs a strong shoulder or someone who enjoys throwing some heavy weights around, I’d recommend checking out Crossover Symmetry to improve health and performance.