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How to Use a Short Workout the Day Before a Game to Increase Your Explosiveness

Training to increase explosiveness is no easy task. You can spend months trying to gain an inch on your vertical or shave a millisecond off your sprint...

By: Jake Tuura

Trap Bar Exercises for Upper-Body Gains

The Trap Bar or Hex Bar, depending on what you have heard it referred as, has been touted as an alternative to a straight bar deadlift for many people....

By: Chris Cooper

3 Ways to Get Stronger With a Trap Bar

For six NFL seasons, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has tormented NFL defenses. He's too big and strong for faster defensive backs to control. An...

By: Andy Haley

Train Like an NFL Player This Off-Season

What does it take to play in the NFL? A lot of hard work ,dedication , talent and a desire to always get better. The Super Bowl ends one season and...

By: Rich Sadiv

WATCH: The Undertaker Deadlifts 405 Pounds, and It's Damn Impressive

When I first saw a video on Deadspin of the Undertaker deadlifting 405 pounds, I was underwhelmed. A Deadlift of 405 pounds isn't that impressiv...

By: Andy Haley

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Get Stronger With These 3 Trap Bar Exercises

Former NFL tight end Dan Gronkowski shows you how to perform three safe and effective trap bar exercises.

How to Perform 7 of the Best Trap Bar Exercises

the trap bar is suitable for more than deadlifting. Like other pieces of equipment, it has many uses. And exercise variations using it can make your workouts better than ever.

Antonio Gates Trap Bar Power Shrug

Antonio Gates of the San Diego Chargers performs a Trap Bar Power Shrug with instruction by team strength coach Jeff Hurd.