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Lee Boyce's Tips for Perfecting the Dumbbell Single-Arm Row

Lee Boyce Coaches The Single-Arm Row Video: The single-arm dumbbell row is a very common and popularly...

By: Lee Boyce

This Advanced Upper-Body Workout Will Sculpt Your Shoulders

As you get stronger and develop your physique, the simple tips you started with won't be enough to help you progress. This is especially true when it...

By: Roger Lockridge

Blast Your Upper Body With This Shoulder Plate Raise Workout

Plate Raises if used correctly are great to build strength in the shoulder region; used by many for stronger fuller trapezius muscles (which are...

By: Kelvin King Jr.

How Sports Parents Ruin The Car Ride Home

Great sports parents have great timing. There are good times to talk with your son or daughter about the game or practice, and then there are bad times....

By: Dr. Rob Bell

This Shrug Variation Builds Strong Traps, Forearms and Core Muscles

Your trapezius muscles are one of the first things your opponents size up to judge your level of strength. As a competitive athlete, you obviously w...

By: Andy Haley

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Tim Beckham Plate Shoulder Shrug

Tampa Bay Rays top prospect Tim Beckham uses a Plate Shoulder Shrug with instruction from Tripp Smith of Competitive Edge Sports.

NFL DB Power: Steve Gregory Dumbbell Hang Shrug

Steve Gregory, San Diego Chargers safety, performs the Dumbbell Hang Shrug with coaching by Jeff Hurd.

Willis McGahee Dumbbell Shrug

Baltimore Ravens RB Willis McGahee performs a Dumbbell Shrug with coaching from University of Miami strength and conditioning coach Victor Ishmael.

Indiana University Wrestling Machine Shrug

The Indiana University wrestling squad performs the Machine Shrug during the season, with coaching by Josh Eidson.

Duke Lacrosse High Snatch Pull

Duke University Men's Lacrosse performs a High Snatch Pull with coaching from strength and conditioning coordinator Randall Dorvin.