A triathlon is a multi-sport event featuring swimming, cycling and running in immediate succession over various distances. Triathletes compete for the fastest overall course completion time, including timed transitions. To compete in this grueling race, athletes have to be in elite physical shape. STACK's content features four-time Ironman champion Chrissie Wellington and Ironman World Champion Chris "Macca" McCormack. Tap into their mental toughness to succeed.

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Chris "Macca" McCormack's Mental Toughness

Ironman World Champion Chris "Macca" McCormack talks about the importance of mental toughness in triathlons and shares his strategies for overcoming pain and fatigue late in a race.

Sarah Reinertsen's Ironman Training

In Episode 2 of our video series featuring challenged athlete Sarah Reinertsen, we break down her rigourous Ironman training in the water, on the bike and on land.

Chris "Macca" McCormack's Advice for Endurance Athletes

Ironman World Champion Chris "Macca" McCormack shares his experiences and gives advice to young endurance athletes.

Chris "Macca" McCormack on Fueling with Clif Bars and Shots

Ironman World Champion Chris "Macca" McCormack discusses the advantages of fueling during a race with Clif Bars and Shots.

Chris "Macca" McCormack's Career Highlights

Chris "Macca" McCormack, Ironman World Champion, shares highlights from his tremendously successful triathlon career.