If the biceps are the show muscles, the triceps are the go muscles. They let you extend your arms—when batting or swinging, for example—and building strong triceps are crucial for athletes. Get exercise instruction from top pro and college strength coaches and learn all-new ways to train the triceps.

Latest in Triceps

Get Bigger Arms With This Intense Upper-Body Circuit

Ready for a high intensity upper body workout? Just this morning my trainer John Papp and I were thrown a curve ball. We wanted to join in our adult...

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The Ultimate Arm Superset Workout

THE ULTIMATE ARM BLAST Nothing feels better than walking away from a workout with a great arm pump. Let's face it; there is something satisfying about...

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Floor Press: The Forgotten Chest Builder

You cannot walk through a weight room without seeing at least one person on the Bench Press. It's arguably the most popular free weight exercise. Bu...

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The Complete Athlete 1-Year Workout Plan: Strength Training

January is a great time for a 1 year workout plan. It is also a time that we typically thing of new beginnings. This article is going to give you a...

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Arm Training: A Simple Superset for Bigger Arms

The question that every strength and conditioning coach ponders deeply is the efficacy of programming direct arm training for their field and court...

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Latest Videos in Triceps

Perfect the Tricep Pushdown With Peyton Manning

In this football training video, Peyton Manning performs drop sets of Tricep Pushdowns with Coach Will Bartholomew to increase his strength for football.

Scott Stallings Resisted Push-Up-DB Curl Superset

PGA Tour player Scott Stallings performs a Band Diamond Push-Up and Zottman Dumbbell Curl combo lift with coaching by Kurt Hester, national director of training for D1 Sports.

Women's Lacrosse Plyo Push-Up

In this women's lacrosse training video, Speed Strength Systems owner Tim Robertson coaches the Plyo Push-Up and explains how this movement will improve lacrosse performance.

Premier Volleyball Swing Through Exercise

The Premier Volleyball team performs the Swing Through, a bodyweight exercise for strengthening the triceps and improving core and shoulder stability.

Josh Cribbs Trains for Upper-Body Explosiveness

Cleveland Browns multi-purpose weapon Josh Cribbs shares his Bench Press secrets and explains why the lift is a staple of his off-season training program.