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A Different Approach to Treating Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is inflammation of the tendons in the elbow caused by overuse of muscles in the forearm. I recently overcame my first battle with tenn...

By: Patrick Aubone

Valentine's Day Fitness Gear Gifts From Trigger Point Performance

This Valentine's Day, take a new approach to taking care of your loved one. Instead of the usual flowers or candy, give a gift that will actually pr...

By: Skyword

Gear Up: Workout Training Tools

Want some variety in your workouts? These innovative training tools will help enhance your mobility and increase your strength to make you a better...

By: Andy Haley

Outrun the Heat With Cool Point

With temperatures on the rise, it's time to switch out thermals in favor of lighter gear for outside training. But what you need to keep cool this s...

By: Samantha Jones

How Mark Herzlich Regained His Form With Trigger Point Performance Therapy

Mark Herzlich was putting together an impressive career as a linebacker at Boston College. During the 2008 season, he amassed an impressive 110 ta...

By: Andy Haley