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3 Explosive Med Ball Exercises for Football Players

There are many different ways to train athletes, and med ball exercises for football players have proven to be one of the most effective. In football...

By: J.T. Kotowski

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Women's Lacrosse Med Ball Overhead Slams

Tim Robertson, Speed Strength Systems owner, explains how to perform Med Ball Overhead Slams and reveals why this exercise increases lacrosse shot power and overall performance for women.

AJ Hawk Straight-Arm Hang Pull

AJ Hawk, Green Bay Packers LB, improves his ability to triple extend with the Straight-Arm Hang Pull for explosive power and quickness.

Gordon Beckham Vertimax Jump

To increase lower body explosiveness, Gordon Beckham, Chicago White Sox second baseman, performs the Vertimax Jump during the off-season with coaching by Mike Berenger.

Georgia Tech Volleyball Hang Clean

The Georgia Tech volleyball team performs the Hang Clean during an off-season workout with coaching by Scott McDonald.

Georgia Tech Men’s Swimming Squat Jump

Georgia Tech men’s swimming performs Squat Jumps during an intense off-season workout with coaching by Jason Benguche.