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Build Your Chest Without the Bench Press

When athletes attempt to build a bigger and stronger chest, the Bench Press is the first exercise they typically flock to. It's extremely effective, c...

By: Christie Carlson

3 Next-Level TRX Exercises for Strength

Suspension training is one of my favorite ways to build strength and mobility in clients of all experience levels. From rehab patients to pro athletes,...

By: Justin Ochoa

Build Back Strength With Your Body Weight

Getting a strong back doesn't always mean you have to load a bar or machine with massive amounts of weight. In fact, one of the simplest and most ...

By: Bill DeLongis

3 TRX Exercises for Athletes

The TRX Suspension Trainer is becoming a common sight in almost every gym and weight room in the country. Athletes at all levels, from pros like D...

By: Skyword

6 Exercises for a Killer Core Workout

A killer core workout helps you get six-pack abs and teaches your core to engage when you lift weights or play sports. Develop an awesome core, an...

By: Anthony Yeung

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TRX for Basketball Players

Oklahoma City Thunder director of athletic performance Dwight Daub outlines the benefits of using TRX Straps with Kevin Durant and the rest of the Thunder.