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Holiday Wish List 2015: The PowerAmp FlexFast Cable

I love resistance bands for a few reasons. One, they're versatile—you can do a large number of exercises with just a single band. Two, they'...

By: Brandon Hall

3 Drills That Help You Turn Faster and Cut on a Dime

Whether played on a grass or turf field or a hard-surface court, pretty much every sport calls on athletes to turn and make quick cuts. Most people ...

By: Jessica Thomas

Strengthening Exercises to Reduce Knee Pain

Stronger hips may lead to less knee pain We ask the knee joint to function as a dynamic stabilizer allowing for force production and transmission from...

By: Stephen Gamma

Rotator Cuff Exercises (and More) for Pitchers

Almost half of pitchers report shoulder or elbow pain that limits participation at some point in their career. Many of these throwing injuries may be...

By: Daniel Stein

Spend Less, Get Stronger

Gym equipment can be extremely expensive. The All American Rack, for example, costs nearly $2,500. If you're looking for great workout gear with...

By: Chris Costa