Find out why some of the world's best athletes are wearing Unequal's patented protection technology to reduce the risk of concussion and other impact injuries.

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The Technology That Gives Brad Marchand a Competitive Edge

Boston Bruins left wing Brad Marchand was chasing down a loose puck in a 2013 game against the New Jersey Devils when defenseman Anton Volchenkov lung...

Evan Gattis's Protection-Enhanced Catcher's Helmet

Evan Gattis has never suffered a concussion—as far as he knows. But at least a couple of times per week during the season, a foul ball strikes the A...

How Joe Haden Is Gearing Up for Big Hits

Well before he reached the National Football League, a big-time hit he took at the University of Florida made Joe Haden fully realize the risk of ...

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How Brad Marchand Stays Safe on the Ice

Pro hockey player Brad Marchand recognizes that the game he plays is fast and dangerous. He also understands the value of protecting himself with premium gear from Unequal.

How Evan Gattis Stays Safe Behind the Plate

Foul tips can cause concussions, and MLB catcher Evan Gattis gets hit with several foul tips per game. To stay protected, Gattis lines his helmet with an Unequal helmet insert.

The Protection Pro-Bowler Joe Haden Can't Go Without

NFL Pro-Bowl cornerback Joe Haden plays the game at a high level. His style of play demands superior protection that doesn't weigh him down as he flies around the field and make plays on the ball.