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WATCH: U. of Minnesota Receiver Makes Insane Catches While Doing Backflips

Check out this ridiculous feat of athleticism from University of Minnesota receiver Logan Hutton. Hutton explodes vertically, tucks into a backflip, a...

By: Brandon Hall

Get Hip With Flexibility

Hip flexor muscles work together to flex the hips and stabilize the lower body. Your hips are the powerhouse of your body, so an injury to those muscl...

By: Zac Clark

Jump into Off-Ice Conditioning

If you can't find ice time, there are other ways to work on your power skating before the season starts. "The thing about sport specificity is you ...

By: Zac Clark

Off-Season Conditioning for Injury Prevention

University of Minnesota strength and conditioning coach Cal Dietz trains the Golden Gophers hockey team to be "bulletproof." Not a bad analogy for a g...

By: Zac Clark

Minnesota Hockey's Russian Plyo Drill

You may have a Happy Gilmore slap shot, but if you can't skate fast enough to get to the puck, it doesn't matter how fiercely you fling it. Speedy ska...

By: Matt Siracusa