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WATCH: U. of Minnesota Receiver Makes Insane Catches While Doing Backflips

Check out this ridiculous feat of athleticism from University of Minnesota receiver Logan Hutton. Hutton explodes vertically, tucks into a backflip, a...

By: Brandon Hall

Drink Muscle-Building Chocolate Milk and Join Team Refuel

Meet Team Refuel: NBA superstar Chris Bosh, Olympic athlete Apolo Ohno and University of Minnesota hockey strength coach Cal Dietz top the list. Te...

By: Joe Baur

Exercise of the Week: Isometric Deadlift

The Isometric Deadlift—a variation on the Deadlift—develops lower body strength rapidly. Different from the standard Deadlift, the Isometri...

By: Andy Haley

Exercise of the Week: Calf Raise

Although a simple exercise, Calf Raises are a staple in any lower-body training program—for good reason. The calf and other lower leg and ankle musc...

By: Andy Haley

Get Hip With Flexibility

Hip flexor muscles work together to flex the hips and stabilize the lower body. Your hips are the powerhouse of your body, so an injury to those muscl...

By: Zac Clark

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