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At-Home Visits With a College Coach

If a college coach thinks you're a top prospect, don't be surprised if he comes knocking on your door for some face time. According to Dom Starsia, he...

By: STACK Staff

Return Strategies

Whether you prefer to volley from the baseline or attack the net, you'll need a game plan entering each match or you'll lose points faster than John M...

By: Zac Clark

Break Back With Virginia Tennis

Topspin, flat and slice—three different serves that will turn you inside out if you're caught flat-footed on the tennis court. If you're constant...

By: Zac Clark

Virginia soccer's penalty kick drill

By Chad Zimmerman Although a rare situation, penalty kicks amp the pressure of a soccer game like nothing else. Just ask the French National Team, wh...

By: Chad Zimmerman

2010 STACK Elite 50 Colleges: #5 Virginia

Mindful that you're a student-athlete—and not just a student—we offer you the 4th Annual STACK Elite 50 Colleges, a ranking of the best schools ...

By: Zosimo Maximo