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2010 STACK Elite 50 Colleges: #5 Virginia

Mindful that you're a student-athlete—and not just a student—we offer you the 4th Annual STACK Elite 50 Colleges, a ranking of the best schools ...

By: STACK Staff

Post-Workout Formula and Recipe for Recovery

Post-workout nutrition is essential for your body's recovery. Failing to refuel can leave you sore, tired and ill-prepared to handle the next day's ...

By: Sarah Gearhart

At-Home Visits With a College Coach

If a college coach thinks you're a top prospect, don't be surprised if he comes knocking on your door for some face time. According to Dom Starsia, he...

By: STACK Staff

Break Back With Virginia Tennis

Topspin, flat and slice—three different serves that will turn you inside out if you're caught flat-footed on the tennis court. If you're constant...

By: Zac Clark

Return Strategies

Whether you prefer to volley from the baseline or attack the net, you'll need a game plan entering each match or you'll lose points faster than John M...

By: Zac Clark

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Claudio Reyna’s European Football Experience

Claudio Reyna, former U.S. Men's National Soccer Team captain, recalls his experience transitioning to the pro pitch.

Mark Reynolds on How to Find the Right School

Former University of Virginia standout Mark Reynolds bestows advice on how to find the right school academically and athletically.

Athleticism and Lacrosse IQ

University of Virginia’s men’s head lacrosse coach Dom Starsia discusses the qualities he looks for during the recruiting process.

Sizing Up Recruits

Is physical size a deal breaker during the recruiting process? Dom Starsia, University of Virginia’s men’s head lacrosse coach, shares his take.

The Value of Playing Multiple Sports

Dom Starsia, University of Virginia’s men’s head lacrosse coach, explains why playing multiple sports makes your overall game more attractive to college coaches during the recruiting process.